Happy New Year to all!!

Now that we seemed have dodged the “fiscal cliff” – at least for a while, we can return our attention to other important tasks and issues. In thinking about “cliffs”, I always picture looking downward and seeing a dangerous fall. In contrast, there is a great deal on the horizon for the coming year that has many of us looking upward and forward. I wanted to take this opportunity to emphasize some of the exciting things that are coming up in the next few months within CPNP.

First, there is continuing activity in the push for provider recognition and reimbursement for pharmacists. Many of you are aware that, in late November, the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) announced the launch of an initiative to seek Medicare provider status for “clinical pharmacists working in all practice settings.” As part of that launch, ACCP reached out to members of the “pharmacy stakeholders group” (consisting of policy and professional organizations such as CPNP) to invite participation in this initiative. Our Comprehensive Medication Management Reimbursement (CMMR) Task Force, chaired by Past-President Jerry McKee has been actively working to coordinate our efforts to achieve pharmacist recognition and reimbursement (see the July 2012 issue of The Mental Health Clinician). CMMR Task Force members will be meeting with ACCP leadership this week to discuss the initiative and possible partnership between CPNP and ACCP in this effort. As Jerry McKee mentioned in his article in the July MHC, CPNP leadership and our CMMR Task Force will be reaching out to members for assistance in these efforts – sometimes at short notice; your help and input will be valuable.

Second, later this month CPNP's leadership will “retreat” to Kansas City to begin revision of our organization's strategic plan. Glen Stimmel, CPNP past president, has generously agreed to facilitate this process. We anticipate this process taking most of 2013 to complete. In conjunction with this Strategic Planning Retreat, the CMMR Task Force will be holding a strategic planning session to identify strategies and activities relevant to our continued efforts to achieve pharmacist provider reimbursement.

Third, a reminder that there is still time to contribute to the upcoming Annual Meeting in Colorado Springs, April 21 –April 24. Poster and award submissions will be accepted until 11:59 PM (Central Time) on January 14. In addition, Clinical Pearls and Roundtable Topic submissions are being accepted until January 8. Student members of CPNP can still submit applications for Student Registration Grants to cover the cost of Annual Meeting Registration (deadline is January 15).

Finally, (but, by no means, the least important) this upcoming year seems to spell excitement in terms of growth of CPNP membership. CPNP's total membership is rapidly approaching 1,200, and a significant portion of our membership (approximately 25%) has consistently been students, residents, fellows, and other trainees over the past few years. It is also truly exciting to see the number of CPNP student chapters growing at various Colleges and Schools of Pharmacy (soon to be 9 chapters). These people are future members and leaders of CPNP.

As this year progresses, we'll keep you informed on the progress of these and other activities of your College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists.

Best wishes,

Rex Lott