CPNP is in a period of growth which can only benefit our membership and the patients we serve. Membership has increased to approximately 1300 strong with students and residents representing a fourth of the membership. There are now student CPNP chapters at 11 different pharmacy schools and this will be the 2nd year where a segment of the annual meeting programming is designed just for them. These student chapters increase awareness of careers in psychiatric pharmacy and provide valuable networking opportunities. In addition, they have the opportunity to liaison with NAMI through such programs as NAMI on campus, a program designed to let college students know that they are not alone in dealing with mental illness. Increased student member involvement outside of organized chapters is also welcomed and appreciated through activities such as attendance at and participation in the poster session at CPNP's Annual Meeting, contributions to the MHC, and active participation in the email list.

Psychiatric pharmacy residency positions have almost doubled in 2013! CPNP's residency directory shows 52 unique program listings representing approximately 90 PGY-1 and PGY-2 residency positions in neuropsychiatry. There is clearly growing interest in our specialty and increasing interest in training psychiatric specialists to move into direct patient care roles. CPNP recognizes the need to create more positions for residency graduates and board certified psychiatric pharmacists. To this end, CPNP has worked diligently on legislative efforts aimed at securing provider status for qualified pharmacists using comprehensive medication management (CMM) as the practice model. CPNP will offer the first in a series of CMM webinars this October to get members up to speed with how psychiatric pharmacists can provide CMM as part of team-based care in the affordable care act's medical home.

CPNP's Mental Health Clinician has grown tremendously in scope, influence and scientific rigor since its inception in 2011. The ongoing transition from editorial board review to external peer review has been an important step toward improving our visibility and being indexed. The MHC has become the “go-to” page on cpnp.org. In August of 2013, there were over 13,000 page views, nearly triple what was experienced in August of 2012.

The number of pharmacy schools has grown substantially from 72 accredited schools in 1987 to 129 schools with either full accreditation status or candidate status in 2013. CPNP leadership is interested in influencing the offering of quality pharmacy school curriculum in neuropsychiatry in schools of pharmacy. One project in development that could potentially enrich pharmacy school curricula is CPNP's casebook on topics in neuropsychiatry which will roll out in late 2013. This product could be utilized during residency training including ambulatory care or community pharmacy residencies.

With so much growth happening, CPNP strategic planning groups have been working on prioritizing initiatives to maximize 1) membership value 2) synergy 3) quality and 4) connections. These are the four strategic areas that will be addressed during our strategic planning meeting in Arizona in late October. We are always interested in hearing your ideas on priority initiatives for CPNP. Feel free to contact me, any board member, or staff to communicate your ideas. We want to hear from you!