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Editorial Board Policies

The Mental Health Clinician (MHC) utilizes a double-blind peer review process for all manuscripts and follows industry best practices whenever possible to ensure that it publishes high-quality scientific material. Many of the editorial policies are outlined in the author guidelines and the peer review guidelines. The items below are provided for additional clarity.
MHC adheres to the ICMJE principles regarding publication of content funded by sources other than AAPP including

  • Senior editors are given and take full responsibility for the policies, practices, and content of supplements, including complete control of the decision to select authors, peer reviewers, and content for the supplement. Editing by AAPP will not be permitted.

  • Senior editors have the right to appoint one or more external editors of the supplement and must take responsibility for the work of those editors.

  • The journal editor must retain the authority to send supplement manuscripts for external peer review and to reject manuscripts submitted for the supplement with or without external review. These conditions will be made known to authors and any external editors of the supplement before beginning editorial work on it.

  • The source of the idea for the supplement, sources of funding for the supplement’s research and publication, and products of the funding source related to content considered in the supplement will clearly be stated in introductory material.
  • Advertising in supplements should follow the same policies as those of the primary journal.

  • Journal editors must enable readers to distinguish readily between ordinary editorial pages and supplement pages.

  • Journal and supplement editors must not accept personal favors or direct remuneration from sponsors of supplements.

  • Secondary publication in supplements (republication of papers published elsewhere) should be clearly identified by the citation of the original paper and by the title.

  • The same principles of authorship and disclosure of potential conflicts of interest discussed elsewhere in this document should be applied to supplements.

  • Editors recuse themselves from publication decisions involving any manuscripts that may pose a real or perceived conflict of interest. This includes manuscripts authored by the editor themselves or authored by trainees under their supervision.


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