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Resources for Poster Presenters Interested in Publication

As a poster presenter at the AAPP Annual Meeting, you have already taken the important first steps in conducting research, identifying best practices, or critically analyzing some other aspect of neuropsychiatric pharmacotherapy. Presenting a poster at the AAPP Annual Meeting provided a forum to discuss your findings with many active professionals in the specialty. Converting your poster into a manuscript for publication makes your findings available to an even broader audience, and the Mental Health Clinician is one publication option you can consider as you begin work on your manuscript.

Transition Your Poster to a Manuscript

By the time you present your poster, you have already completed much of the analysis necessary for publication. Now, much of the remaining work is recasting your poster into a narrative format appropriate for publication. For more insights into this process, review Taking a Poster to Manuscript from the April 2012 issue of MHC, or watch the Research Community presentation from Communities Week 2019.

How MHC Can Help You

Even if you are not sure whether MHC is the right place for you to publish, the editors are eager to help encourage you along the way. If you simply want feedback or assistance, then submit the manuscript you have so far using the Open Submission form, and check "Advice and Guidance" near the bottom. Someone will review your manuscript and be in touch with you about your next steps.

Publishing Your Poster-Based Manuscript in MHC

Once your manuscript is ready for distribution, upload it using the Open Submission form. We encourage everyone to go through a full peer-review process, but there are currently other options available to you if time is limited. For instance, if you are willing to share authorship, we can attempt to pair you with someone who is interested and willing to help complete the manuscript. If there is something holding you back from publication, please let us know what it is so that we can continue to remove obstacles facing AAPP members in regards to publication.

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