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Mobilization is the leading research review of social movements, protests, and contentious politics. It advances the study of these phenomena by providing a forum to refine and innovate methodologies, theories, and concepts across the social science disciplines. Recognizing the globalization of our research community and of the movements we study, our official name is Mobilization: An International Quarterly

Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 27,
Issue 3
September 2022

Senior Editor: Neal Caren

European Editors: Marco Giugni, Maria Grasso

Book Review Editor: Elizabeth Borland

Publisher: Hank Johnston

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25 years

Published by and for Scholars of Social Movements,
and Protest

Mobilization's 2022 Conference

San Diego, CA

Join us June 23-25, 2022. We will continue our celebration of Mobilization’s 25th year. The broad conference theme will carry over to welcome everyone: Social Movement in Contemporary Democracies. We look back to consider the growth of our field of research, take stock of where we are, and look ahead to future trends.

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Mobilization is the leading review of research in social movements. That is because we are published by and for social movement scholars, not by a global megapublisher for investors.

The Mobilization-Routledge Book Series

The Mobilization monograph series on social movements protests and contentious politics is a leading publishing outlet for the field's research. Your proposals are welcome.

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