When initially approached to write an article for Multiple Voices: Disability, Race and Language Intersections in Special Education's Special Issue: In Service of Equity? Exploring Universal Design for Learning's Transformative Potential, I almost said no. As a neuro-divergent person who lives with pronounced ADHD, I've had a lifetime of challenges with learning. Specifically, I've found writing to be an incredibly difficult task. I am also a mixed-race person born in Seoul Korea, to a mother who spoke no English. After considering it for a bit I realized that my identities and experiences were exactly why I should take the time and energy to attempt to create an article for this issue focusing on Universal Design for Learning. I chose to use the accommodations available to me and was lucky to be able to share my thoughts through an interview with Elena Botkin-Levy of Gems Oral History. An excerpt of the transcript from that interview follows—the audio of the full interview (57 min) is linked through the journal website, and it explores additional topics such as considering intersectionality and the future of my work.

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