This article describes the universal design for learning (UDL) plus Equity approach, which builds on the UDL framework with the aim of dismantling barriers erected by individual and institutional biases. The UDL plus Equity approach is based on my intersecting roles as a parent, educator, and administrator. It can be used across contexts, especially to address systems (e.g., discipline policies, hiring procedures) that historically produce disproportionate outcomes or underrepresentation for marginalized groups of people. I begin the article with a story sharing my perspective as a Black mother and some of the barriers that my family encountered in the American education system. I then describe the UDL plus Equity approach and discuss its application using an example of the special education prereferral process. In doing so, I use both the first and third person throughout the paper to situate and provide context for both the lived and more collective experiences with UDL. The piece concludes with an invitation to the audience to imagine the promise of breaking down systemic barriers to ensure learning where every student thrives, free from limits.

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