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Current Issue
Volume 40,
Issue 4
December 2020

Carol Baffi-Dugan

ISSN: 0736-0436

About this Journal

The Advisor is the professional journal published quarterly by the NAAHP.  Online access to The Advisor is a benefit of membership with NAAHP.

It is our pleasure to welcome you to NAAHP’s The Advisor Online. We are excited about our new format and we look forward to adding new features as we grow the platform. NAAHP is dedicated to continuing its history of bringing you relevant and timely information through The Advisor and we look forward to doing so here Online.

Tony Wynne, Executive Director

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Features & Information

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The National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions serves as a resource for the professional development of health professions advisors. It is a representative voice with health professions schools and their professional associations, undergraduate institutions, and other health professions organizations. The Association promotes high standards for health professions advising at universities and colleges. It assists advisors in fostering the intellectual, personal, and humanistic development of students as they prepare for careers in health professions. Read More

Featured Article

Instructions for Authors

The Advisor publishes three basic categories of papers: Research articles, Viewpoint (descriptive or opinion pieces), and Reports (short papers). Priority is given to original papers submitted by health professions advisors. Secondary priority is assigned to health professional schools and health professional school associations. Articles other than reprints must assign copyright to the National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions, Inc.

For manuscript submission instructions, click here.

Featured Article

Statement of Editorial Policy

The appearance of an advertisement in this journal does not constitute an endorsement of the products or services featured. NAAHP, Inc. reserves the right to decline the publication of submitted material at its discretion. Original contributions are the sole property of NAAHP, Inc. and are copyrighted as such. For reprint information and requests, please contact Malinda Byrne, at Generally, advisors and others should feel free to make copies of articles for educational purposes, but copies may not be included in any form for which there will be a charge.

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