Academic advisors can make important contributions in implementing curriculum development grants received by universities. Presented in case study form is the advising and orientation plan developed for a National Science Foundation grant to prepare future science and mathematics teachers. This plan discusses comprehensive recruitment strategies, a specially designed orientation course, off-campus retreats and field experiences, and academic advising and career counseling. The plan fostered a sense of community among students and faculty, as well as a commitment to the project. This contributed to the success of the project and could contribute to similar grants as well.

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Author notes

Martha McMillian is Director of University Academic Services and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction. Previously, she served as Coordinator of Advisement Services in the College of Education and Course Developer and Coordinator of Students for the DIRECT Project. William A. Ivy is Director of Undergraduate Student Service Programs in the College of Arts and Sciences and Adjunct Assistant Professor in Applied Behavioral Studies. He served as a course developer for the DIRECT Project and participated in the design of its recruitment plan. Address correspondence concerning this article to them at 201 M Whitehurst, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater. OK 74078-0011.