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Martha K. Hemwall is the Dean of Student Academic Services and assistant professor of anthropology at Lawrence University in Appleton, WI. She earned her doctorate in anthropology from Brown University. She was a founding member of the NACADA Commission of Small Colleges and Universities, serving as chair from 1993–96. Dr. Hemwall may be contacted at

Kent Trachte is Associate Vice President for Advisement and Dean of Freshman at Franklin & Marshall College. He holds a doctorate in political science and also teaches courses in international relations. He is chair-elect of the NACADA Commission on Small Colleges and Universities. Dr. Trachte can be contacted at

Dr. Hemwall and Dr. Trachte are engaged in an ongoing research project focused on the decline of the developmental advising paradigm and the emergence of an alterative paradigm based on the concept of student learning. They are also editing a monograph on academic advising in small colleges.

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