Clinical Relevance

The Monobond Etch & Prime seems to be an efficient option for adhesive cementation of ultrathin veneers and full crown ceramic with good properties after two years of clinical follow-up.


The use of the self-etching ceramic primer combines the stages of acid conditioning and silanization in cementation procedures of ceramic restorations. The protocol is a simpler and safer alternative to the conventional protocol for surface treatment of silica-based ceramics. This case report describes the steps of an esthetic rehabilitation with ultrathin veneers and full crown based on lithium disilicate treated with a ceramic primer (Monobond Etch & Prime, Ivoclar Vivadent, Schaan, Liechtenstein). After two years of clinical follow-up, the restorations presented satisfactory esthetic and functional performance, color stability, surface and marginal integrity, and absence of cracks and debonding. More research is needed to investigate the clinical performance and longevity of the ceramic restorations treated with self-etching ceramic primers.

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