Clinical Relevance

When luting relined fiber posts with self-adhesive cement, the surface treatment of the posts influences the adhesion of the fiber posts to root dentin.


This study evaluated the effect of surface treatment and silanization of resin composite on the bond strength of relined fiber posts cemented with self-adhesive resin cement. Push-out and microtensile bond strength (MTBS) tests were performed in this study. The endodontic treatment of 80 single-rooted bovine teeth was first performed in the push- out test segment, followed by weakening the intracanal walls by diamond bur. Then, the glass fiber posts were adapted with resin composite to fill the root canals, followed by photoactivation and resin surface conditioning according to four different experimental conditions: no conditioning as control, 10% hydrofluoric acid, 35% hydrogen peroxide, or air abrasion with alumina particle (all groups were subdivided into “with silanization” or “without silanization,” thus totaling eight experimental groups). Self-adhesive resin cement was used for the post cementation. Four slices per tooth were obtained for the push-out tests. Next, 160 blocks of resin composite were first produced for the MTBS tests; their bonding surfaces were conditioned (as mentioned, ie, eight treatments), and they were cemented to each other. The 80 sets (n=10/treatment) were then cut into microbars (16/set): eight were immediately tested, while the other eight were thermocycled (12,000×) and stored (120 days) before MTBS. Failure modes and topographic analyses were performed after treatments. There was no statistically significant difference for the push-out results. In MTBS, surface treatment and silanization had a significant effect (p<0.001). Aging decreased bond strength for all groups. Considering the aged groups, air abrasion promoted the highest values and silanization improved bond strength for all treatments except air abrasion. The alumina particle air abrasion of the relining resin composite promoted the highest bond strengths when luting with self-adhesive resin cement.

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