Clinical Relevance

This article presents the dental restoration of a young female patient complaining of erosive dental wear using a three-step restorative technique, an alternative approach with some novel adjustments.


For successful tooth wear treatment, determining the etiological systemic and local factors is the main priority before deciding on effective and long-term preventive and/or therapeutic restorative approaches. In addition to professional intervention, achieving optimal outcomes requires patients to control their diet and/or gastric issues, thus minimizing the wear process. However, continuous wear constitutes the most challenging scenario, mainly when it affects young patients’ dentitions. This article describes the dental restoration of posterior teeth with reestablishment of occlusal vertical dimension before treating the anterior teeth, while educating the patient and providing medical monitoring. The three-step restorative technique seems to be properly applicable in cases of significant dental compromise due mainly to erosive wear and is based on direct procedures, which can assure a reliable and feasible approach.

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