Dear Editor,

This letter is regarding an article published in your journal titled “Comparison of the Mechanical Properties and Push-out Bond Strength of Self-adhesive and Conventional Resin Cements on Fiber Post Cementation” (http://doi:10.2341/21-015-L).

We would like to compliment the authors on the detailed comparative study of the mechanical properties and push-out bond strengths, which result when glass fiber posts are cemented with self-adhesive resin cements and conventional resin cements.

In this correspondence, we would like to draw attention to the property of the RelyX Ultimate cement, which has an integrated dark cure activator (Sodium Toluene 4- sulfinate) for Scotchbond Universal Adhesive rendering it less dependent on light curing.

Because of this, we feel that the requirement for light to reach the deeper thirds of the root canal spaces and its subsequent impact on the bond strength may not be as critical as reported by the authors. We...

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