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Moon W, Chung SH, & Chang J (2021) Effect of deep margin elevation on interfacial gap development of CAD/CAM inlays after thermomechanical cycling Operative Dentistry46(5) 529–536. doi: https://doi.org/10.2341/20-310-L

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W Moon and SH Chang are co-first authors for this paper

Fang X, Wu X, Levey C, Chen Z, Hua F, & Zhang L (2022) Spin in the abstracts of randomized controlled trials in operative dentistry: A cross-sectional analysis. Operative Dentistry47(3) 287–300. doi: https://doi.org/10.2341/21-025-LIT

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This Manuscript should be considered to be Clinical Research and not Literature Review. The study was an original, methodological study, which was not based on data of previous research.

Hirata R, Sampaio CS, Atria PJ, Giannini M, Coelho PG, & Yamaguchi S (2023) Effect of high-radiant emittance and short curing time on...

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