Operative Dentistry, Inc. extends gratitude to our conscientious team of reviewers serving on our Editorial Board for their hard work, tenacity, and dedication toward furthering operative dentistry around the world. These individuals dedicate countless hours in reading, re-reading, and critiquing manuscripts. Reviewed manuscripts, accepted for publication or not, all benefit from these reviewers who verify that the work is scientifically accurate, clinically relevant, and professionally uplifting. By this announcement, we publicly recognize them, although with the knowledge that it would never be possible to thank them enough for their contributions. Thank you.

Be it known here, and throughout the world, that the following named individuals have contributed real and invaluable service to the profession of dentistry by volunteering their time and talents to the cause of peer-review for Operative Dentistry, Inc.

The time of service listed below is for the 2023 publication year.

Awab Abdulmajeed—Virginia Commonwealth University

Abe Abraham—...

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