When restoring anterior teeth using resin composites, the use of silicone guide matrices obtained from diagnostic wax-ups is recommended, as this technique facilitates layering and optimizes working time. This is particularly important in polychromatic layering and when more than one anterior tooth is to be restored with resin composites. However, in cases of fractured anterior teeth, it is often not feasible to perform a previous impression and waxing. In these cases, due to trauma and related psychological aspects, patients usually seek immediate esthetic solutions. Therefore, an interesting restorative approach that can simplify the restorative technique is the creation of a silicone guide matrix obtained from the patient’s fractured tooth, without the need for prior waxing. This type of personalized matrix was initially proposed by Bertholdo, Ricci, and Barrote. Thus, the purpose of the present work is to demonstrate a modification of the technique for making this type of custom-made matrix for the restoration of two upper central incisors of a 14-year-old patient who fractured his teeth in a bicycle accident.

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