To evaluate the effect of various toothpaste tablets on gloss and surface roughness of resin-based composite.

Methods and Materials:

Sixty-four resin-based composite specimens were divided into four groups of 16 specimens each. Gloss and roughness were measured before and after simulated brushing with three types of toothpaste tablets and one conventional toothpaste: CT: Chewtab Toothpaste Tablets; AT: Anticavity Toothpaste Tablets; HC: Charcoal Toothpaste Tablets; CP: Cavity Protection toothpaste. The Kruskal-– Wallis procedure was performed to compare the differences by groups. Post-hoc comparisons were conducted with Bonferroni corrections (α=0.05).


There was a significant drop in gloss for all groups. CT and AT maintained the highest gloss with means of 81.6 GU and 74.1 GU, respectively. The lowest gloss of 24.5 GU was observed for HC. There was a significant increase in roughness for all groups except for CT. CT had the lowest roughness with a mean of 0.034 μm, while HC had the highest roughness with a mean of 0.074 μm. There was a significant correlation between post-brushing gloss and post-brushing roughness (p<0.001, r=-0.884).


Chewtab Toothpaste Tablets had the least effect on gloss and roughness, while Charcoal Toothpaste Tablets had the most negative effect on the surface properties of resin-based composites.

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