I am happy and privileged to say a few words on behalf of Dr David Thorburn, as he receives the coveted President's Award of the Academy of RV Tucker Study Clubs.

Dr Thorburn is immediate past-president of both the Academy of RV Tucker Study Clubs and the American Academy of Gold Foil Operators. He merits this award particularly for the teaching and special efforts he makes in promoting the cause of gold as a restorative material. For many years, David provided patients from his own practice for the course in gold foil given at the University of British Columbia and taught by Dr Gerald Stibbs, and later by Dr Richard D Tucker. David carried these courses on his shoulders for a long time and, though he is still an active member of the Walter K Spoule Gold Foil Study Club, he spends considerable time at the University of British Columbia teaching anyone interested in learning the procedures of direct gold and gold castings.

David graduated from the University of British Columbia and immediately became interested in the art and refinement of dentistry in the form of gold castings and gold foil. He is an artist who carries his appreciation of art into his dentistry. Years ago, David spent most of his free time doing large caricatures, using a pinpoint technique. His work was exceptional. It follows that his dentistry is equally exceptional and is appreciated by patients and colleagues every month in his two operating study clubs. He is an individual dedicated to perfection in all he does.

It is with great pride that I present the Academy of RV Tucker Study Clubs Presidents Award to Dr David Thorburn.

Editor's Note: Since this is the first time that this award has appeared in Operative Dentistry, I am attaching an explanation of the award and how the recipient is selected.

The President's Award recognizes a member of the Academy who has served the organization in a meaningful manner as judged by the standing president of that year. It is the president who makes this choice, though she/he may seek the advice/opinion of others. This award is given annually.