Fridericia dianchiensis, a new enchytraeid species collected from Yunnan Province, is described here. It is characterized by a combination of the following characters: 1) lateral bundles containing maximum 3 chaetae; 2) esophageal appendages with 3–4 simple, terminal branches; 3) dorsal vessel originating in XX–XXIII; 4) subneural glands absent; 5) seminal vesicle large, occupying two segments; 6) clitellum girdle-shaped or gland cells absent between bursal slits and pre-middle ventrally; 7) coelomocytes without refractile vesicles; 8) spermatheca without diverticula and both ampullae broadly united; and 9) long spermathecal ectal duct without gland at the orifice.

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