Murid rodents of the endemic genus Batomys are diverse and geographically widely distributed in the Philippines. Four species have been recognized: B. dentatus and B. granti on Luzon, B. salomonseni on several islands comprising the Mindanao faunal region, and B. russatus on Dinagat Island. A recent survey of small mammals in eastern Mindanao recorded the presence of Batomys on Mt. Hamiguitan, the only other documented occurrence of this genus on Mindanao Island outside of Mt. Kitanglad. Comparison of external morphology as well as cranial and dental features of the Hamiguitan Batomys with available specimens of congeners indicates that although it is closely allied to B. salomonseni, a number of distinct traits separate it from all its congeners, and we describe it as a new species, B. hamiguitan. This species corroborates the hypothesis that the island of Mindanao is comprised of multiple centers of endemism, of which the southeastern highland of Mt. Hamiguitan is one.

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