Thirty-three species are recognized in the genus Acilepis with new combinations provided for A. attenuata, A. chiangdaoensis, A. divergens, A. doichangensis, A. fysonii, A. gardneri, A. heynei, A. kingii, A. lobbii, A. namnaoensis, A. nayarii, A. nemoralis, A. ngaoensis, A. ornata, A. peguensis, A. peninsularis, A. principis, A. pseudosutepensis, A. setigera, A. sutepensis, A. thwaitesii, A. tonkinensis, and A. virgata. Acilepis belcheri is described as new. The rhizomiform structure of the pollen muri is discussed and compared with other Vernonieae in Old World Erlangeinae and in New World Lepidaploinae with similar muri.

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