Historical confusion about the dates of publication by Carton in 1970 of two papers in which the genus Paranicothoe was discussed has led to the incorrect perception that the type species of the genus is Paranicothoe cladocera Carton, 1970b. This species was a nomen nudum in the publication where the genus was first made available, so the type species must be the only available species name in Carton (1970a), which is Nicothoe procircularis Carton, 1967. Recognition of this change in the type species for the genus means that Pseudonicothoe Avdeev & Avdeev, 1978 is a junior synonym of Paranicothoe, and a new genus, proposed herein, is needed to accommodate Paranicothoe cladocera. The female type specimen of Paranicothoe cladocera, which is actually an isopod, is referred to Cabirops orbionei Bourdon, 1972.

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