Four shallow-water hermit crab species, Clibanarius boschmai Buitendijk, 1937, C. cruentatus (H. Milne Edwards, 1848), Paguritta vittata Komai & Nishi, 1996, and Pagurixus nomurai Komai & Asakura, 1995, are recorded from Taiwan for the first time. The addition of the four species increases the number of Taiwanese hermit crabs to 138 species in 39 genera. The poorly known species, Clibanarius boschmai, is diagnosed on the basis of the syntypes and Taiwanese specimens. Although two deep-water pagurids, Chanopagurus atopos Lemaitre, 2003 and Tomopaguroides valdiviae (Balss, 1911), have already been reported from Taiwan, additional specimens obtained provide supplemental information on these poorly known species. The discovery of a male specimen of C. atopos also requires an emendation of the diagnosis of the genus Chanopagurus Lemaitre, 2003. Color photographs are provided for all these species.

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