Two new species of the phylum Tardigrada belonging to the genus Milnesium are described. Two specimens of Milnesium zsalakoae, new species, were collected from foliose lichens on rocks in Arizona and New Mexico, U.S.A. and mounted in Hoyer's medium. Milnesium zsalakoae has primary claw branches of great length and slenderness, substantially longer relative to the length of the buccal tube than those of any other species of Milnesium. Eleven specimens of Milnesium jacobi, new species, were found in foliose and fruticose lichens collected in eastern Texas, U.S.A. and mounted in Hoyer's medium or polyvinyl lactophenol. Milnesium jacobi differs from all species of Milnesium in having a very broad, cylindrical buccal tube and in the posterior placement of its stylet support insertions.

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