President Michael Carleton called the meeting to order at 10:40 AM in the Waldo Schmitt Room, National Museum of Natural History, Washington, D.C. Council members present: Michael Carleton (President), Stephen Gardiner (President-Elect and Editor), Stephen Cairns (Secretary); Steve Gotte, F. Christian Thompson, Neal Woodman (Elected Council); Richard Banks, Bruce Collette, Oliver Flint, Ron Heyer, Wayne Mathis, Roy McDiarmid, Storrs Olson, Richard Vari (Past Presidents); and Bob Reynolds (Finance Committee Chair). A total of 18 members were present, including three regular members (Al Gardner, Tom Munroe, Jon Norenburg).

Carleton opened the meeting by thanking Steve Gardiner for assuming the post of President-Elect in March 2011 after the resignation of our current President-Elect. The minutes of the 10 June 2010 Annual Meeting (for FY 2009) were accepted as published in volume 123(2):179–180, Aug 2010.

Annual Reports for FY 2010

Robert Reynolds presented the auditors' report for 2010, in which no discrepancies were...

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