A new species of the genus Heterolaophonte is described from tidal pools near the King Sejong Station at King George Island, Antarctica. This species is described and named as Heterolaophonte heejinae, new species. The new species is closely related to H. pauciseta from the South Georgia Islands and H. livingstoni from Livingston Island, Antarctica. Both species share several characters with the new species, including the seven-segmented antennule, segmentations of swimming legs and setal numbers on P5. However, the new species is distinguishable from its congeners with the combined characters of spinules on the terminal claw of the P1 endopod, the antennary exopod with only two setae, and the seta numbers on the second exopod segment of the P4 and the distal segment of the P2 endopod. A key to species of the genus Heterolaophonte is also provided.

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