Dedication iii

Abstract 317

Introduction 319

 Objectives 320

Methods 320

 Species Accounts 322

 Major Collecting Sites 322

  Lowland Sites (Below 500 m) 323

  Isolated Highland Sites (Above 1400 m) 328

  Upland Sites (Between 500–1400 m) 329

Abbreviations of Scientific Collections Used 329

Identification of Specimens 330

 Key to the Orders of Amphibia of Guyana 332

 Key to the Families and Many Species of Anura (Frogs and Toads) of Guyana 332

 Key to Frogs of the Families Allophrynidae and Centrolenidae of Guyana 335

 Key to Frogs of the Families Aromobatidae and Dendrobatidae of Guyana 336

 Key to Frogs and Toads of the Family Bufonidae of Guyana 338

 Key to Frogs of the Families Ceuthomantidae, Craugastoridae, and Eleutherodactylidae of Guyana 339

 Key to Frogs of the Family Hemiphractidae (Stefania) of Guyana 340

 Key to Frogs of the Family Hylidae of Guyana 341

 Key to Hylid Frogs of the Genus...

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