A new cyclopoid species belonging to the genus Graeteriella is described from a limestone cave in central Vietnam. This is the first record of the genus from the Oriental region. It is assigned as the fifth member of the subgenus Graeteriella Rylov, 1948 based on its unique 1-segmented leg 5 armed with two spines/setae, lacking protopodal seta, and 2-segmented rami of legs 2–4 in female. The new species is distinguished from its congeneric species of the subgenus from Europe by having longer caudal rami with spiniform outer caudal seta, by the absence of coxal seta on leg 4, and by the seta/spine armature of leg 5, that is, an inner stout spine and a shorter outer pinnate seta on the free exopodal segment of leg 5.

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