A new species of harpacticoid copepod, Cletocamptus goenchim sp. nov., was found in the mouth of the Mandovi estuary, Goa, India. This species seems to be the same reported in 1979 from Lake Kolleru (east coast of India) as C. deitersi, but until new specimens are studied, the 1979 record will remain as doubtful. The new species seems to be related to C. stimpsoni. They can be separated by the armature of the mandibular palp, the shape of the outer element of basis of P2, the ornamentation of the posterior margin of cephalothorax, pro-, and urosomites, and anal operculum of both male and female, the armature formula of male P5EXP, the armature formula of the male P2ENP2, and the relative length and shape of the inner apophysis of the male P3ENP2. Some comments on specimens of Cletocamptus from Korea and China are given.

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