The description of Aricidea (Acmira) flava sp. nov., from coastal waters of the Bohai Sea, the Yellow Sea (China), and the Changjiang River Estuary is presented. Type material of A. (A.) elongata, A. (A.) eximia, A. (A.) finitima, A. (A.) horikoshii, and A. (A.) laubieri was examined. Aricidea (A.) flava is characterized by the presence of a moderately long cirriform prostomial antenna, elongated and cirriform posterior branchiae, neuropodial chaetae arranged in four rows in the posterior branchial region, and acicular chaetae with hirsute tips in posterior neuropodia. Aricidea (A.) flava seems to be restricted to shallow waters of the northern Chinese coast, with the Changjiang River Estuary as the southern boundary.

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