The Euphrosinidae (Polychaeta: Amphinomida) collected during cruises of the R/V Polarstern, and described by Hartmann-Schröder & Rosenfeldt (1988, 1992) are re-examined. In all, four of five species are here assigned to two previously described taxa: Euphrosine monroi, and Euphrosinella cirratoformis and a fifth species, Euphrosine antarctica, is newly referred to the genus Euphrosinopsis, as a new combination. Euphrosinopsis antarctica n. comb., has priority as type species of the genus, rendering Euphrosinopsis antipoda as the junior synonym. We suggest that Euphrosine magellanica is a misidentified Euphrosinella cirratoformis. Previous Antarctic records of Euphrosine cirrata are also referred to the genus Euphrosinella Detinova, 1985, and are likely E. cirratoformis. Diagnoses or additional descriptive information and appropriate illustrations are provided for all taxa.

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