All six naupliar stages of the harpacticoid copepod Nitocra karanovici are described. A key to the identification of the naupliar stages is provided. Stages can be distinguished by number of segments of the exopod of antenna 2, setation of the limbs including the bud of the caudal ramus, and presence and setation of the bud of maxilla 1. A particular naupliar character was found in the nauplii of N. karanovici that is in common for all Ameiridimorpha, except Ameiridae and otherwise not known from other Harpacticoida. This is a pair of bean-shaped, bare medial cuticular areas of the ventral body wall present in Parastenocarididae, Cylindropsyllidae, and as in Canthocamptus, Attheyella, Moraria, and Mesochra of the Canthocamptidae.

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