Three species of Enterocola van Beneden, 1860 are reported on the basis of females living in compound ascidians from Madagascar. The first is synonymous with Enterocola ianthinus Illg & Dudley, 1980; the second and third are new. The copepods and ascidian hosts are the following: 1) E. ianthinus Illg & Dudley, in Eudistoma sp.; 2) E. adnatus, in an undescribed, new species of Synoicum; 3) E. coniculus, in Polyclinum insulsum Sluiter?. The copepods are representatives of the subfamily Enterocolinae (Ascidicolidae) in the Humes collection from Madagascar (1963, 1967). Enterocola setiferus Hansen, 1923 is revised and excluded from the genus.

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