Even though Flores is a major island of the Inner Banda Arc in the Lesser Sunda Archipelago (Indonesia), its herpetofauna was last tabulated by Robert Mertens, based on a 47-day visit to the island in 1927. Few, even briefer, surveys of the Flores herpetofauna occurred since then, and our knowledge remains incomplete. Pulau Sukur is a small island lying about 35 km off the north coast of Flores. Its herpetofauna has not been previously documented and likely is a subset of the Flores herpetofauna; however, at least one unique lizard species occurs there. Carlia sukur, new species, is a member of the C. peronii species group and is described herein. Its geographic outlier position represents a peculiar biogeographic question, which we examine relative to the lizard fauna of Flores and offer an updated list to the Flores and Komodo herpetofauna.

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