Tigriopus kingsejongensis, new species, is described from tidal pools near the King Sejong Station on King George Island, Antarctica. The new species is closely related to Tigriopus kerguelenensis from Kerguelen Island. Both species share several characters, including the presence of an abexopodal seta on the allobasis of the antenna in the male, the setal formula of the swimming legs, and the shape of the P5 exopod in the female. However, the new species is distinguishable from its congeners by the combined characters of a relatively well-developed abexopodal seta on the antennary allobasis, and a knob-like structure in the middle of the lateral margin of the second endopodal segment of the P2 in the male. The new species belongs to the ‘Austral islands group' within the genus. The mtCOI gene sequence is provided as a DNA barcode for the new species, and a phylogenetic tree based on the DNA sequences is also suggested.

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