A new species of Normanellidae is described from Gwangyang Bay, Korea. This species is placed in the genus Normanella Brady, 1880 based on the following morphological characteristics: 1) 5-segmented female antennule, 2) antennary exopod with four setae, 3) mandible with discrete endopod and two setae on basis, 4) maxillule with two basal endites, 5) maxilla with allobasis accompanied by two setae and a spine, and 6) the sixth leg of the male with three setae.

Normanella spinosa, new species, is closely related to Normanella bifida Lee & Huys, 1999. However, the new species is clearly distinguished by the characteristic processes on the dorsal surface, especially well-developed, large spiny-form processes on the urosome. In addition, N. spinosa has a sharply pointed rostrum, and the P1 enp-1 with a smaller inner seta than that of N. bifida. Normanella spinosa also displays substantial abnormalities of the reduced setal number in the swimming legs. This is the first report of the family Normanellidae from Korea.

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