A new species of Redudasys (Macrodasyida: Redudasyidae) is described from Texas and Oregon, U.S.A. A single Texas specimen was reported (but not formally described and named) in 2014 from an artesian outflow in Spring Lake, San Marcos, Texas. The Texas specimen provided the first record of Redudasys from outside Brazil. Fifteen specimens were found and studied in 2015 and 2016 from sand pockets among boulders in the Little Nestucca River, near Pacific City, Oregon. Redudasys neotemperatus n. sp. is morphologically and genetically distinguishable from Redudasys fornerise Kisielewski, 1987a, the only formally described species in the genus up until now, and morphologically distinguishable from “Redudasys sp.”, an unnamed form reported by Garraffoni et al. in 2010 without genetic information. The Texas and Oregon specimens agree well morphologically and genetically.

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