Surveys of marine gastrotrichs on the coast of South Korea yielded a new species of the genus Tetranchyroderma, bearing 5-pronged hooks as a cuticular armature. Tetranchyroderma hummoni is characterized by a dorsal armature adorned with pentancres, whose central tines are about twice as long as peripheral tines. The new species is also characterized by bearing 3 large and broad papillae per side along boundary row of pentancres on oral hood, a pair of rod-like cephalic tentacles, and a pair of modified pestle organs. Moreover, this new species is clearly distinguished from its congeners by the number of dorsal, dorsolateral and ventrolateral cirratum-type tubes (6−10, 13−19, and 9−14 per side, respectively), and by a pair of foot-like ventral adhesive tubes. The description of the new species belonging to the genus Tetranchyroderma is based on detailed illustrations and scanning electron microscopy. We also provide a short account on the variability within the species, including the morphological difference between juveniles and adults.

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