The genus Favia Oken, 1815, represents one of the most widely used taxa in scleractinian history but is formally unavailable because vol. 3 (Zoologie) of Oken's (1815) work Lehrbuch der Naturgeschichte, in which the name was first published, was rejected by the ICZN for nomenclatural purposes (Opinion 417, September 1956). De Blainville (1820, p. 293–294) was the first author who used the genus Favia in a valid work. Because no valid type species is available, the species Madrepora fragum Esper, 1795, is therefore designated herein as the type species of Favia. This taxon is chosen from the list of species which are given in de Blainville (1820, p. 293–294). Because both de Blainville (1820) clearly referred to Oken's (1815) work and M. fragum is designated as the type species of Favia, the genus Favia de Blainville, 1820, retains its genus concept sensu Oken.

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