One of the problems with undertaking revisions within Strombidae Rafinesque, 1815 is the tendency for chaining within the genus Strombus Linné, 1758. Strombus is often used taxonomically as a holder for confusing taxa acting in sensu lato (s.l.). This paper addresses one of the chaining issues with Strombus with the erection of Striatostrombus gen. nov. This revision is based on morphology and spatio-temporal considerations in relation to the determination of species reassignment to the new genus. While there are no extant members of Striatostrombus, two extinct species currently classified as Strombus (Lentigo) micklei Ladd, 1972 and Strombus (s.l.) blanci Tröndlé & Salvat, 2010 were brought into the new genus. The shifting of S. blanci to Striatostrombus provides improved taxonomic clarity within Strombus Linné, 1758  sensu stricto and furthermore, the new genus provides a new cladistic reference point that aids in the understanding of the evolution and radiation within the Strombidae.

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