Six species of bopyrids were detected by inspection of crustaceans of diverse taxa collected in the Gulf of Mexico and the Mexican Caribbean that were deposited in two scientific collections housed in the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Probynia ramiroromani, new species is described, becoming the first species of the genus from the American continent. The occurrence of Pseudione cf. crenulata is recorded for the first time in the west Atlantic coast, the distribution ranges of Orthione furcata, Parabopyrella thomasi, and Robinione overstreeti are extended, and O. furcata and Urobopyrus processae are reported for the first time in Mexican waters. Munida valida, Periclimenaeus perlatus, Processa bermudensis, and Upogebia vasquezi are now recognized as hosts of P. cf. crenulata, P. ramiroromani, U. processae, and O. furcata, respectively.

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