The gastropod family Strombidae has sparked the recent interest of taxonomists as early revisions of the family are re-examined, with a plethora of new species and genera being described. This has brought a greater understanding of the level of diversity within the family, which has assisted in conceptualizing its evolutionary intergeneric relationships. However, gaps in the revisions remain. This paper examines the extant members of the genus Gibberulus after half a century of neglect. After examination of type material and original descriptions, the species are recircumscribed, and a new species, G. dekkersi, new species, is presented, bringing the total number of species in the genus to four. In addition, information of the geographic range of each species is provided. We suggest that, as further revisions of the Strombidae are conducted, particularly of those species with large fragmented distributions, a greater diversity of species will be found and described.

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