It is with regret that the Society announces that the publication of Volume 134 in 2021 of its flagship journal, the Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington, will mark the final issue of the journal. The Society was founded in 1880 and began formal publication of its Proceedings in 1882 [for a detailed account of the first 100 years of the Society, see Aldrich, J. W. (1980) The Biological Society of Washington: A Centennial History 1880–1980. Bulletin of the Biological Society of Washington, No. 4, 40 pp.]. In its 141-year tenure, the Proceedings published thousands of articles that documented the taxonomy and systematics of global biodiversity, especially in the disciplines of Botany, Paleontology, and Zoology. All of the Proceedings' articles can be accessed through the Biodiversity Heritage Library (1882–2004) or BioOne (2005–2021). The Society takes great pride in the quality of presentation and the diversity of taxa covered in the Proceedings' articles throughout the years of its publication. The legacy of the journal is grounded in the fact that its many articles will be cited by researchers for decades to follow.

It is appropriate at this time, to thank the many individuals who served as Officers of the Society throughout its history. The Editors and Associate Editors of the Proceedings deserve equal recognition. Without the dedication of all of these individuals, the Society and its journal could not have flourished. Also, thanks must be extended to all of the individuals who were members of the Society through its many years, whose support was vital to the health of the Society. Finally, to all of the individuals who authored articles published in the Proceedings, thank you for using our journal as an outlet for your valuable research results.

With gratitude towards all,

Stephen L. Gardiner, President and Co-Editor

Rick Hochberg, Co-Editor