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Information for Authors

Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington is a peer-reviewed journal of taxonomy and systematics.

Manuscripts may cover any aspects of systematics in the biological sciences (botany and zoology), paleontology, and notices of business transacted at Society meetings. Papers are published in English, except for Latin diagnoses/descriptions of plant taxa, with an abstract in another language when appropriate. All manuscripts will be submitted for peer-review to the Co-Editor, who will assign it to a selected member of the Editorial Review Board, and independent outside review.

Click here for guidelines to manuscript preparation.

Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington is currently no longer accepting submissions. 

To revise a manuscript on our PeerTrack site, please click the button below:

  Revise Manuscript

Publication Charges

  • Page charges – New for 2021: PBSW will waive all page charges for articles submitted to the 2021 capstone issue. 
  • Open access – For authors wishing to designate an article as Open Access, the PBSW will waive $1,000.00 fee. Journal articles are posted at
  • Color charges – PBSW will provide free color figures up to four printed color pages. Authors will be charged $300.00 per additional printed color page, which must be paid in full before a paper can be scheduled for publication. For authors choosing to have printed figures in black and white, the PBSW will waive charges for figures produced in color online. 
  • Correction charges – Authors are allowed to make up to five corrections in their page proofs. 

ZooBank Registration is the official registry of zoological nomenclature. Upon receipt of proofs, authors should register their publications in ZooBank, after which they will receive a Life Science Identifier (LSID). This unique identifier should be added to the article before publication to demonstrate compliance with the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature and ensure that any new species names are valid upon publication. The identifier should be added in the methods section; see the PBSW submission guidelines for details.

Additional information that will be requested during the registration process:

  • PBSW Print ISSN: 006-324X
  • PBSW eISSN: 1943-6327
  • Online archive: LOCKSS and Portico
  • DOI, Volume, Number: will be on the first page of the article proof

Proofs and Reprints

PDF proofs will be sent to the corresponding author, who should check the proofs and make corrections as soon as the PDF is received. The corrections should be sent to the Co-Editor, Stephen L. Gardiner at At this stage of production, there should be very few changes needed. Authors may incur additional costs for changes made during the proof stage if the number of corrections is excessive. Consult the journal’s submission guidelines or contact the Co-Editor for details.

Print reprints are no longer available but each corresponding author will receive a free PDF reprint after publication.

Manuscript Preparation

Requirements of taxonomic and nomenclatural investigations necessitate clear presentation and consistent organization of manuscripts. Telegraphic style is recommended for descriptions and diagnoses. Consult a recent issue of the Proceedings to view proper style and format of your manuscript. The establishment of new taxa must conform to the requirements of the appropriate international code of nomenclature. Decisions of the Co-Editor about style are also guided by the General Recommendations (Appendix E) of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature. Description of new species must cite a type specimen deposited in an institutional collection.


Please click here for information on reuse of Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington content.

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