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Proceedings Back Issues, Bulletins and Special Publications

Back issues of the Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington, Volume 90 to present, are available for $10.00 per issue or $40.00 per Volume.

The following Bulletins are still available:

  • NO. 2. The Panama Biota: Some Observations Prior to a Sea-Level Canal. Meredith L. Jones, editor. 1972. Price: $5.50
  • NO. 5. Natural History of Plummers Island, Maryland, by W. Wirth , W. Grogan and T. Erwin. 1981. Price $11.00
  • NO. 7. Studies on Polychaetes in Honor of Marian H. Pettibone. Kristian Fauchald, editor. 1987. Price $25.00
  • NO. 8. Results of Recent Research on Aldabra Atoll, Indian Ocean. Brian Kensley, editor. 1988. Price $15.00
  • NO. 9. An Illustrated Marine Flora of the Pelican Cays, Belize, by Diane Littler and Mark Littler. 1997. Price $20.00
  • NO.10. Commemorative Volume for the 80th Birthday of Frederick M. Bayer in 2001. Stephen Cairns and Roger F. Cressey, editors. 2001. Price $30.00
  • NO. 11. Study of the Dorsal Gill-Arch Musculature of Teleostome Fishes, with Special Reference to the Actinopterygii, by Victor G. Springer and G. David Johnson. 2004. Price $75.00
  • NO. 12. Gamba, Gabon: Biodiversity of an Equatorial Rainforest. Alfonso Alonso, Michelle E. Lee, Patrick Campbell, Olivier S. G. Pauwels, and Francisco Dallmeier, editors. 2006. (English and French) Price $27.00
  • NO. 13. Checklist of the Terrestrial Vertebrates of the Guiana Shield. Tom Hollowell and Robert P. Reynolds, editors. 2005. Price $20.00
  • NO. 14. Checklist of the Vascular Plants of Plummers Island, Maryland, by Stanwyn G. Shetler, Sylvia S. Orli, Elizabeth F. Wells, and Marcie Beyersdorfer. 2006. Price $15.00
  • NO. 15. The Invertebrate Fauna of Plummers Island, Maryland. John W. Brown, editor. 2008. Price $35.00
  • NO. 17 Checklist of the Freshwater Fishes of the Guiana Shield. Richard P. Vari et al., editors. 2009. Price $20.00

Special Publications

Symposium on Natural History Collections, Past, Present, and Future. Daniel M. Cohen and Roger F. Cressey, editors. 1969. Price $10.00

Index to Volumes 1-100 of the Proceedings. Includes an alphabetical listing of 1st author of all titles and an index by familial category or higher, of all taxa. Phyllis Spangler and Brian Robbins, editors. 1990. Price $10.00

All prices include mailing costs. Orders may be paid by check or postal money order (payable to BIOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF WASHINGTON) or by credit card. Click here for an order form.

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