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Publish in the Capstone Issue of the

Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington

The Biological Society of Washington was founded in 1880 by a group of individuals who wished “to encourage the study of the Biological Sciences and to hold meetings at which papers shall be read and discussed.” The Society’s flagship publication, the Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington, first appeared in 1882. Since the time of that initial volume, the Proceedings published thousands of articles that focused on the taxonomy and systematics of global biodiversity.

The Society will publish this issue of the Proceedings in 2021. Manuscripts are being solicited for consideration for publication in this special issue. Manuscripts should address one or more of the following topics of interest:

  1. descriptions of extant metazoan taxa new to science
  2. reviews of extant metazoan taxa
  3. descriptions/reviews of paleontological metazoan taxa
  4. use of genomics and/or barcoding as tools to document biodiversity
  5. temporal effects of climate change on regional or global metazoan biodiversity, using a specific taxon(a) as an example(s)
  6. causation, other than climate change, of biogeographic distributions of metazoan taxa, using specific taxa as examples
  7. contribution/significance of sibling species complexes to regional/global biodiversity, using one or more metazoan taxa as examples
  8. significance of taxonomic and systematic research of metazoan organisms to other biological disciplines, providing one or more examples in support
  9. contrasting discussions of the value of taxonomic and systematic methodologies, past and present, with regard to the clarity and strength of the hypotheses produced by those methodologies
  10. philosophical discussion or justification regarding the scientific merit of research in the disciplines of taxonomy and/or systematics, referencing one or more taxa in support
  11. present and future scientific and societal value of museums or other facilities as repositories of global biodiversity, using one or more such facilities as examples

Information Concerning Submission of Manuscripts

  1. Membership in the Biological Society of Washington is not required.
  2. Manuscripts should be submitted using the Society’s Peer Track system at
  3. Manuscripts may be submitted immediately but no later than 1 June 2021.
  4. The contact individual for questions concerning any aspect of manuscript submission should be addressed to Co-Editor Stephen L. Gardiner ( or Co-Editor Rick Hochberg ( will also participate in editorial matters.
  5. All costs of publication, including open access fees, will be paid by the Biological Society of Washington, except for printed color illustrations. The Society will pay for costs of up to four printed color illustrations; authors are responsible for the costs of additional printed color illustrations. The Society will pay the costs of all color illustrations in the online version of a manuscript.

If you are interested in submitting an article for consideration in the capstone issue of the Proceedings, please visit here
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