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Information for Authors

Articles concerned with Research, Teaching, or Extension programs directly involved with or applicable to production, storage, processing, manufacturing or marketing of peanuts are suitable for review for publication in Peanut Science. Articles submitted for publication become the property of Peanut Science and shall remain until released to the authors by the Editor.

Authors must submit articles for review and possible publication in Peanut Science through our online submission site. Original manuscript should be typed using commonly accepted Word processing software (MS-Word, WordPerfect, etc.) using the general guidelines found at the APRES website. Figures may be in separate tiff, jpeg, or similarly image format files.

Upon receipt by the editor, the manuscript will be reviewed for proper formatting and subject suitability for possible publication in Peanut Science. The manuscript will then be assigned to an associate editor knowledgeable in the subject matter of the manuscript. The associate editor will secure at least two critical reviews from competent reviewers. The goal of the editor and associate editor is to return the reviewers' comments to the corresponding author within 60 d of submission.

The decision to accept or reject any manuscript for publication relies solely with the editor and the associate editors and is based on the scientific review of the manuscript.

After a manuscript is accepted for publication, a pdf proof will be produced by the publisher for review by the editor and the corresponding author. Prior to the article's publication, page charges will be invoiced at the rate of $80 per page for the first 4 pages of the pdf proof + $60 per half-page for pages 5 and higher. Payment must be received before the article will be published.

Questions about submitting an article or manuscript, Contact:

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