My workflow as a Care Coordinator for Evergreen Health (Buffalo, NY) was drastically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. As an essential worker, my colleagues and I are on the frontlines of medical and social service delivery to at-risk populations in Western New York (WNY). Having experience in ethnographic and qualitative research, The Center for Care Coordination requested that I develop a report to capture insights from our patients and my co-workers on the best practices for working remotely. My applied research transcribed, coded, and analyzed the data for themes and is presented in Section 1: Patient Success Stories and Section 2: Care Coordinator Interviews. The patient success stories identified: barriers, accomplishment, support, and impact as themes. From the staff interviews, I determined: pandemic challenges, adapting, patient encounters, and future recommendations were the points of discussion. My associates and I are the direct lines of communication between patients and medical providers. Our insights are invaluable in navigating this public health crisis and improving health outcomes.

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