Long-term recovery of mouse hemopoietic stem cells (CFU-S and CFU-S per colony), granulocyte-macrophage precursor cells (GM-CFC), and stromal colony-forming units (CFU-F) after doses up to 12.5 Gy was almost complete by 1 year when the dose rate was reduced to 0.0005 Gy/min compared to incomplete recovery after doses up to only 6.5 Gy given at >0.7 Gy/min. This sparing effect of dose rate on long-term hemopoietic recovery is in contrast to the generally reported lack of dependence on dose rate for acute survival of hemopoietic progenitors after doses up to 5 Gy. The present results are compatible with the hypothesis that good recovery of the stroma should be reflected in the long-term recovery of hemopoiesis.

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